Watch This Kid Narrowly Avoid Disaster By Moving Just Before A Car Crashes Out Of Nowhere

Close calls happen all the time, and a split second could mean life or death. In this case that final point is very true, as the kid in this bit of security footage should be thanking whatever lucky star he can find.

The video description notes that this is in either Russia or Ukraine, but wherever it is, the story remains the same. There’s no panic in the kid’s movements, and no indication that this car was out of control before he decided to start walking down the street, so the only thought that crosses my mind is luck. You’re aware something is going to happen when you click to watch, but when it does, it seriously catches you off guard a bit.

If he hadn’t decided to move, who knows what the scene would’ve looked like. It’d be a lot harder to post this video or even watch it in the first place. Even better, he’s doubly lucky because the pole saves him the second time around.

The only negative portion is that the driver might’ve been hurt from the abrupt stop into the electrical pole. The video did not provide details, but hopefully the car did its job in the same way that the pole did.

(Via WorldNewsAZ)