This Girl Woke Up From Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Pulled Thinking She Was Kylie Jenner

People waking up from surgery and completely out of it will never not be funny. Case in point, poor Emma who woke up from getting her wisdom teeth pulled only to find out that she’s Kylie Jenner because of her swollen lips. Makes total sense. Seeing as how Kylie’s only job is to make millions by updating her social media accounts, being told you’re a rich do-nothing celebrity is exactly the kind of news you want to hear.

“I’m Kylie Jenner. Oh my gosh. I don’t know what to do. I don’t understand why you’re keeping it a secret from me,” Emma says to her mom in the viral video of her post-surgery state. “I just found out I’m Kylie Jenner and you didn’t tell me.”

But Emma’s dream quickly turns into a nightmare when she’s reminded that being Kylie means her dad is no longer her real dad, but Caitlyn Jenner. The still-medicated Emma was in total disbelief by the revelation, literally crying out, “What?! My dad is Caitlyn Jenner?! Oh my gosh! Oh no! Oh no! I can’t believe this. Daddy is Caitlyn? Does he know this?” Obviously, that would make her mom Kris. “Oh my gosh! My life is so crazy. You’re Kris Jenner and my dad is Caitlyn.”

After somewhat processing that she’s “Kylie Jenner and a moooodel,” Emma’s ready to go home to her mansion, though she likes her parents’ house just fine. When her mom asks if being Kylie means they’re going to have to move now, Emma responds with something you’ll never hear the real Kylie Jenner say: “I don’t know. I’m not the parent.”

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