Let Internet Crackpots Explain The Significance Of 12-12-12 To You

Today is December 12, 2012, or #121212, in apocalyptic Twitter-speak. As you may have heard, the world’s going to end, either at some point today or maybe on the 21st. Are you prepared?

Last month, officials announced that a supposedly mystical mountain in France would be closed on Dec. 21 to prevent a flood of doomsday believers from coming to wait out the Mayan apocalypse. Now, a pyramid-shaped peak in Serbia is the site of similar frenzy

Bookings are pouring in for Dec. 21 at hotels around the mountain, the newspaper reported. That date is the day the ancient Maya Long Count Calendar completes a full cycle of creation, a fact that some believers have taken to herald an apocalypse. (Via)

It’s likely you have questions about the end of the world. So did we, so we asked the smart, well informed people who attend Yahoo! Answers University to answer our 12-12-12 queries. Hope this helps.

So, what the h-e-double head pike is 12-12-12?

You should get right with God today. You might not live. (Via)

Wait, WHAT? Is that really what everyone’s freaking out about?

jus another day wot did u do 11/11/11? maybee nothing different im waitin til 13/13/13/ lol (Via)

I’m confused. Are we going to die or not?

When the world ends you and I won’t even be alive. (Via)

That’s reassuring. OK, we’ll get back to this. I’ve heard a lot about this Mayan calendar?

The Mayan calendar is hogwash. (Via)

Hogwash, you say? Well, did the Mayans at least believe in Jesus?

wtf. they had no idea who Jesus was. the Mayans believed in multiple gods. the calender was about making paranoid people stock up on supplies cause they knew it would be funny. (Via)

That’s not funny. Tell me more about the calender, though.

The Ancient Mayan civilization (Mexico) created a very sophisticated calender based on the movement of the starts, moon, sun and planets they observed and studied. It is also extremely accurate. Recently it has been discovered that the Mayan calender can actually predict future events in mother nature. The past few years there has been speculation because the calender seems to end in Dec on 2012. Many people have interpreted that as the end of the world. (Via)



You’re going around in circles, guys. Someone says we’re fine, someone says we’re not. I, for one, would like to hear from you in the back. Yes, the crazy-looking man, thumping some sort of book.

i think that the world wont blow up but we will have a huge nuclear war and no were on earth will be safe when there is a huge gloval corruption , i suspect 2012 there is already huge world finantial problems and then look at all these nukes we have russia will send one to the us and so on and so forth the united states have enough nukes to blow up the world about 7 times and russia has enought to blow it up about 14 and with the uk about 3…because god atm has given the world to satin ( the devil ) and god said ” people will still stay loyal to me , watch ” and then soon when there is huge world corruption god will take the raigns and all those who have stayed loyal to him will be rewarded (: (Via)

This God fellow sounds cool. Is he real? Dammit, Josh, don’t get distracted. Anyway, I can’t think for myself, so I was wondering if any famous people believe in this whole 12-12-12 thing?

Mel Gibson,Lil’ Wayne and Joe Rogan belive it. “The world is about to end as we know it. You can see it already. A planet doesn’t exist – there’s no more Pluto. Planes are flying into buildings – and not just the Twin Towers. Mosquitos bite you and you die. And a black man and a woman are running for president.”-Lil’ Wayne (Via)

MY GOD IT MUST BE TRUE WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE. The Mayans seem really smart.

Them mayans we’re so freaking intellegent on this matter…they made huge temples dedicated to this crap! There calender is 500x more advanced than ours and I have been to chizen’ Itza on the summer solstice, when all the freaking media and crap is there and they have made it where the shadow of a freaking snake goes up the side of the thing! I mean it’s absolutely amazing! I think they know so much more than we give them criedit them for…also there records were destroyed by cortez’ A BIBLE THUMPING CALOLIC! I HATE THAT RELIGION! AND CRISTANITY! Your stupid pointless religion has destoryed the one chance of us knowing untold amounts of infomation on time and mathematics and just mayan ideology in general! you people sicken me…seriosly…you follow blindly! (Via)

What should we do at 12:12:12 on 12-12-12, then? What do you have planned?

Probably the same as yesterday. Same sh1t..different day. (Via)

I hear ya, bro. Thanks for clearing this all up, everyone. I guess it’s time to count our blessings, say goodbye to our loved ones, and preach the end of the world to…

Surely I hope that the world will not end………did you say 12-12-12? I have a LIFETIME WARRANTY on my lawnmower. I hope this warranty will be valid by that date / time if Apocalypse does happen then. (Via)