Looks Like Sylvester Stallone Is Backing Manny Pacquiao

All that the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao commercial needs now is a shot of Manny running up and down the stairs to the tune of the classic Survivor tune. “Eye of the Tiger” can get old really fast, but it’s still a great song for getting pumped up before any big contest. Especially when Rocky Balboa himself is involved.

After boxing promoter Top Rank Boxing tweeted the above photo of Sylvester Stallone and Manny Pacquiao on Saturday, CBS Sports and others are reporting that the actor is now backing the welterweight contender against Floyd Mayweather in their May 2nd fight in Las Vegas.

Maybe that’s exactly what Stallone is doing. Maybe not. Either way, it’s all the excuse I need to embed Survivor’s phenomenal contribution to American music.

(Via CBS Sports)