Macaulay Culkin Is Taking A Break From Retirement To Star In A Commercial With Talking Meerkats

It’s not often we hear from former Home Alone star and Pizza Underground member Macaulay Culkin, who pops up here and there every so often to hang out in Montana dive bars or wear a t-shirt with a picture of Ryan Gosling wearing a picture of himself on it. So you know the guy’s got a good sense of humor about himself, which makes it only somewhat surprising that he turned up this week in a British insurance commercial with talking meerkats, of all places.

In the 40 second spot, two adorably dressed meerkats are going on a family road trip in their RV, as meerkats tend to do, but since they don’t actually have a family, they invited Macaulay Culkin to join them. Culkin is all too happy to oblige, because who wouldn’t want to go on vacation with talking meerkats? And look at that smile, as they take him to an amusement park with roller coasters and bounce houses and face paint and ice cream!

Finally they end up at the movies, since the whole point of the ad is that if you buy Compare the Market insurance, you get two for one Meerkat Movies tickets in a related promotion. But personally my standards for insurance are a little higher now; no deal unless I get a Culkin and talking meerkats.