Marjorie Taylor Greene Blames Herschel Walker’s Loss On His Team Not Wanting Her To Campaign For Him, ‘Which I Find Extremely Insulting’

The list of people, places, and things that Marjorie Taylor Greene has a problem with is a pretty extensive one, and most notably includes: Nancy Pelosi, underwear that don’t protect you from farts, people reminding her that she was the “surprise guest” at a white nationalist event, properly cooked turkey, gazpacho, feral hogs, student loan forgiveness, mask mandates, having her rights “fragrantly” violated, and, of course, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And on Wednesday, she added yet another name to her sh*t list: Herschel Walker.

As if the former football pro hasn’t suffered enough humiliation since announcing his bid for U.S. Senate — including a ton of secret children coming forward, an ex-girlfriend (and mother of one of his children) sharing the get-well card and check the pro-life candidate sent her for an abortion, and, well, losing. Now he’s got Greene on his ass, complaining about how she could have helped him win over the state of Georgia. Which is an absolutely frightening thought.

On Wednesday, Greene celebrated Festivus early by airing her grievances against Team Herschel while chatting with Steve Bannon (wait, he’s not in prison?!). In true Republican-speak, Greene complained that “I was never asked very often by the Herschel Walker campaign to come speak at his events.”

So was it never? Or only sometimes? As she continued talking, we got the answer:

They only asked me to come to maybe two, I think. Two or three in my own district, when he was campaigning all over the state, running for Senate. But they only asked me a couple of times in my own district, which I find extremely insulting.

Others, however, might see it differently. And think that only asking an unhinged conspiracy theorist to be your hype woman in the district that actually voted her into office — TWICE! — was actually one of the few smart decisions the Walker campaign made. Well, that and not yanking Walker right off the stage when he began talking about whether it’s cooler to be a werewolf or a vampire.

You can watch Marge express her disappointment for yourself above.