Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Inviting One Lucky Right-Winger To Hop On A Helicopter And Shoot Feral Hogs With Her

Is the idea of hopping aboard a helicopter and spending a day shooting feral pigs with Marjorie Taylor Greene your idea of a good time? If your answer is “hell yeah,” we’re so sorry. But it looks like your dream date could actually become a reality.

On Tuesday, Mediaite shared that the kooky congresswoman from Georgia posted a video to YouTube (which you can watch above) in which she managed to conflate a handful of different issues, all in less than 45 seconds. “We’ve got skyrocketing inflation, high diesel fuel [prices], and Democrats’ America Last policies,” Marge says while dressed in her Rambo best. Which somehow brings her to… wild hogs?!

These savage swine are wreaking havoc for America’s farmers, and MTG is sick of it. So she’s ready to strap into a ‘copter with her trusty AR-15 style rifle — much like the one she gave away last year in another ill-conceived contest — and start picking off the little piggies one by one. And she wants you to join her!

Interested parties can sign up to “win” here. If you’re chosen as Marge’s designated hog-hunting partner, you’ll be able to bring a guest (lucky them!) and you’ll both receive round-trip airfare to Texas, ground transportation, and lodging — not to mention all the stories you’ll be able to tell. (If you could find out why the promo video keeps showing Greene being struck by lightning and seemingly turning into some sort of QAnon zombie, that would be great, too.)

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Even Greene doesn’t seem too sure about this whole endeavor. As she notes in bold on the contest page, “Someone has to win…might as well be you!” Which only sort of sounds like a threat.

(Via Mediaite)