Jimmy Kimmel Offered A Heartwarming Tribute To Herschel Walker And ‘One Of The Most Entertaining Senate Campaigns In The History Of This Country’

The state of Georgia has spoken, and it turns out that the majority of residents don’t want a werewolf, a vampire, or Herschel Walker as their senator (neither does Walker’s son, apparently). While it’s yet another victory for Democrats, it’s also impossible to deny that the former football player’s entire campaign provided a bit of comic relief at a time when we needed it the most. Jimmy Kimmel addressed this very fact on Tuesday night’s show, when he noted:

Even though he’s a beloved local football hero, Herschel Walker hasn’t exactly inspired passion amongst Republican voters. If you go down the list of what their party supposedly values the most — family values: he’s a serial domestic abuser with more kids than a Dave & Buster’s on a Saturday at noon. Charity: He claimed his company gave 15 percent of their profits to charity; three of the four charities listed on his website said he gave nothing, the other said ‘no comment.’ Pro-life? He was Planned Parenthood’s customer of the year I think.

That wasn’t the end of Kimmel’s list, but you get the point. Yet, despite all of this, the host admitted that “as a person who does a show every night, the idea that Herschel Walker won’t be on camera every day is sad to me.” Because what other single individual is going to whip out a toy badge one day and think it actually makes him part of law enforcement, then argue with himself about whether it’s cooler to be a vampire or a werewolf the next day?

It’s for this very reason that Kimmel was not afraid to admit that he’ll miss Walker, and to thank him with a heartfelt tribute to what he described as “one of the most entertaining Senate campaigns in the history of this country,” which he tearfully set to the Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You.”

You can watch the tribute video at the 4:15 mark, or start at the very beginning of the video to see the entire segment.