Matt Gaetz Should Probably Take Note Of How His Ex-Confidante, Who Has Been Cooperating With The Feds, Received A Prison Sentence

After a seemingly lengthy period of radio silence, there has been some significant movement in the still ongoing sex trafficking investigation involving Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. His former confidant Joel Greenberg was just dealt an 11-year prison sentence after being zeroed in by the Department of Justice for using taxpayer money to buy drugs, crypto, and sports memorabilia.

Greenberg has also been accused of allegedly providing sex workers to politicians. In the case of Gaetz, one of those workers was allegedly a minor. (The congressman has denied any wrongdoing.) Despite facing a litany of charges, Greenberg has reportedly been cooperating with federal investigators resulting in a lighter sentence for his serious list of crimes. Via The New York Times:

Mr. Greenberg has told federal authorities that he witnessed Mr. Gaetz have sex with the 17-year-old girl and that she was paid. In documents filed in connection with Mr. Greenberg’s sentencing, the Justice Department said he had “provided truthful and timely information” that led to the charging of at least four other individuals and “provided substantial assistance on other matters” that the government would address only in a sealed filing.

However, the investigation into Gaetz has reportedly hit a significant hurdle. The worker in question “has said she does not believe she was a victim.” The lack of charges against Gaetz and others implicated by Greenberg did not go unnoticed by Greenberg’s attorney who surprisingly called out the DOJ.

“If the government is so concerned with general deterrence, then why hasn’t it prosecuted the other individuals, including public figures, who were also involved in Greenberg’s offenses?” Fritz Scheller said during the sentencing hearing. “Indeed, Greenberg’s plea agreement refers to the involvement of multiple co-conspirators, including individuals involved in his sex offense.”

Scheller also revealed that Greenberg’s cooperation was corroborated “by other witnesses and records,” which should probably concern his co-conspirators, whoever that may be.

(Via The New York Times)