Meet Mary Jean Dundson, The Pin-Up Marijuana Chef Who Puts The ‘Baked’ In Baking

Mary Jean Dundson (her parents missed nailing her name by just thismuch) is a pin-up-worthy chef who cooks exclusively marijuana-based concoctions. One of you Weird Science-d her into existence, I know it.

For 13 years, Dundson has been cooking with weed, four of them on her show “Baking a Fool of Myself” which you can find on her Water Melon YouTube channel. Her recipes include Peanut Bud-der Cookies, Gramola, and the Marijuana Margarita.

The cannabis-loving Canadian made the news recently when her store, the Commercial Drive Licorice Parlour, became the first North American outlet to sell a device that lets you snort cocoa. Eat your drugs and snort your food. That’s the Mary Jean Dundson way. But her first love is still good old edible pot.

“Marijuana is the hero that’s coming to save the day,” Dunsdon said. “I started smoking pot in my 20s and got involved in baking when I moved back from New York. My friend had a bag of marijuana in the basement and I decided to bake up a batch of pot cookies. I took them to the beach and sold every single one and realized the demand for them was high.”

Source: NY Post