Meghan McCain Has An Odd Explanation For Why She Believes ‘Total Whackjob’ Marjorie Taylor Greene Should Stay In Office

With QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene dominating headlines thanks to her questionable social media history of calling for Democrats to be executed and harassing Parkland survivor David Hogg, fellow Republican Meghan McCain found herself forced to denounce Greene on The View, which she did. Kinda. To McCain’s credit, she opened her remarks by fully agreeing her co-hosts that Greene is a major problem for the party. “She’s a nightmare for Republicans,” McCain said. “I mean, she’s a total whack job conspiracy theorist. Everyone is right, I can’t defend any of the things she’s done or said.”

However, things took a turn when it came to talk to removing Greene from office. While McCain conceded that Greene is a “different” situation because of her social media posts that incited violence against Nancy Pelosi (and also called for FBI agents to be executed), the conservative View host feels that removing Greene will become a “slippery slope.” McCain then drew a false equivalency between Greene and Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell. Via The Daily Beast:

“I think we should be analyzing congresspeople who are on committees,” McCain said. “Eric Swalwell is accused of sleeping with a Chinese spy and being targeted and he’s on the House intelligence committee and that’s something Nancy Pelosi has refused to deal with. I don’t think someone who has been compromised by a Chinese spy should have access to our intelligence.”

For the record, McCain is incorrectly citing an Axios report about suspected Chinese spy Fang Fang who targeted Swalwell and other California politicians. When Swalwell was alerted of Fang’s alleged spying, he immediately severed all ties with her and fully cooperated with the FBI. He is not accused of wrongdoing and did not have sexual relations with Fang.

(Via The View on Twitter)