This Dog Is Not Even Sorry That It Ate The Chair

Someone in Portland took dog shaming to Craigslist in this ad posted on Monday, attempting to get rid of a chair that their dog had apparently thought was acceptable to snack on. And they’re right, this dog does not seem particularly concerned with what its done:

In case the text is hard to read:

My dog ate part of my chair and he doesn’t seem sorry about it. The chair works fine if you throw a blanket over the hole. Naughty dog not include.

I’ve learned long ago that there’s no point in owning nice things if you have pets. Years ago, I bought a Jonathan Adler couch secondhand that’s worth nearly $4,000 brand new, and it’s since been shredded by my cats to the point that the stuffing is coming out and is also routinely vomited on by my dog. Just throw a blanket over it yourself, my friend. You’ll be throwing a blanket over the next chair eventually. Just save yourself the trouble.

(Via Reddit)