'Newsweek' Should Just Change Its Name To 'Trollweek' #MuslimRage

True story: a few months back copies of Newsweek started appearing in my mailbox and I honestly have no idea why or how. I’ve never subscribed to the magazine — ever — and I sure as hell didn’t do it in any sort of drunken haze one night, because I have had even less interest in it since Tina Brown took over as editor than I did before she was at the helm.
Still, the magazines come and I always promptly toss them in the trash, usually without even opening the cover, which is typically used to blatantly troll some group. That’s what the once-proud newsweekly has become: Trollweek. This week it’s the Muslims’ turn, as evidenced by the cover embedded above. Further, this afternoon the magazine’s Twitter account blasted out the tweet below this afternoon…

Predictably, Twitter comedians everywhere — some of them Muslim — took that ball and ran with it. On the pages that follow are a few of my favorite #MuslimRage tweets.