Nick Offerman Breakdanced On Fallon. It Was Predictably Glorious.

We’re required to cover all Nick Offerman TV appearances by mandate, but this morning we present an extra special edition of real life Ron Swanson on Late Night that may change your life and will probably bring you to tears.

Simply listening to Nick tell stories of how “walking beans” on his grandfather’s farm in the ’80s led to he and his cousin forming a break dancing act where their nicknames were Tick Tock and Flip Fop would have been wonderful enough, but of course it did not stop there. Of course we got a five second glimpse into Nick’s Footloose-esque glory days.

Pop and locking starts at the 2:40 mark if you’re not into hearing delightful stories…

For those of you who are video challenged, internet GIF wizards have you covered!

And if you’re looking to duplicate step-by-step moves:

Nick, you magnificent son of a b*tch. Be my life coach, like yesterday.