HOT VIDEO! See Why The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Nicki Minaj Selfie

Nicki Minaj is being criticized for planning to perform in Angola, which the Human Rights Foundation says is run by a corrupt dictatorship. “Nicki Minaj is a global artist,” the group’s president Thor Halvorssen wrote in a statement, “Millions of people look up to her for creative inspiration. There is no good reason for her to do business with the corrupt Angolan dictatorship and endorse the ruler’s family company.” Nicki’s response: “Because I got high.”

The “Trini Dem Girls” singer tweeted: “Ppl make plans when they’re high. When the high wears off, they get confused wondering wtf they were thinking when they agreed to dat sh*t.” Laugh emoji, thoughtful emoji.

Well, at least she’s honest? In equally important news to a pop star getting paid big bucks to perform in a country that’s ranked first in the world for deaths among children under the age of five, here’s Nicki in too-tight clothes.

Babe thanks but I think I need a bigger size ????

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The photo is… something. The reactions are… something else.

That Jurassic Park GIF is so useful.

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