Oh Nothing, Just Shaun White’s French Bulldog Dog Rambo Riding A Scooter

Like most dog owners, U.S. snowboarding icon Shaun White has at least two names for his beloved pet French bulldog, as his given name is Rambo, but his nickname is The Mayor. Additionally, White’s dog is already so famous in his own right, that he has his own line of clothing and art known as Mayor B., which purports to be “Refining Canine Lifestyle.” If you’re the kind of person who likes hanging portraits of a famous person’s dog on your wall, then waste no more time and pick up something from the Mayor B. shop immediately.

If not, we can all simply bask in the awesomeness of this photo that White Tweeted this morning of the Mayor and another Frenchie on a scooter, and if these two don’t have a sitcom of their own within the next year, I’ll have officially lost faith in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.