Oprah Winfrey Almost Joined Forces With Mitt Romney To Crush Trump During The 2020 Election

The 2020 election was a pretty chaotic affair, and it continues to be. After all, the guy who lost the presidency still insists, baselessly, that he won it (except when he blurts out that he didn’t). But what if we were spared a second Trump ticket? What if a very popular TV personality swooped in and saved the day? And what if that celebrity teamed up with a much less popular politician? Apparently that might have almost happened.

As per Axios, there’s a new book en route about Mitt Romney called Romney: A Reckoning. Among the claims made by author McKay Coppins is that in 2020, the failed presidential candidate was approached by no less than Oprah Winfrey. Her plan? The two would team up to run together to “save the country” from four more years of the orb guy.

Alas, Romeny claimed he turned down the idea, arguing that such a campaign would somehow help Trump in the end, as so many sure-fire-seeming attempts to put an end to his antics do.

Was Winfrey serious about this? Did the meeting even happen? One source says Winfrey was never serious about the fun. Others, though, think she should have gone through with it.

Still, it all worked out in the end, sort of. Trump lost re-election, though he’s running again, despite those whopping 91 criminal charges against him. As for Romney, well, he’s getting the heck out of politics altogether, in part because he hates what his party has turned into.

(Via Axios)