Mitt Romney Thinks JD Vance Is Utterly Vile, But Loves A Good Salmon And Ketchup Sandwich(?)

It wasn’t all that long ago that Mitt Romney was the face of the GOP. A lot has changed since 2012, when the outgoing senator was the party’s presidential candidate. Not only is it now ruled by a repeatedly indicted guy who can’t spell the word “rumor,” but it’s being devoured by MAGA extremists. In a new profile by The Atlantic, Romney dumps on those guys while also saying something positive — namely that he enjoys a terrible-sounding sandwich.

In the piece, Romney — who announced Wednesday he was not running again for his Senate seat — says he does not care for Jan. 6 cheerleader Josh Hawley. But he really hates one of his colleagues

“I don’t know that I can disrespect someone more than J. D. Vance,” Romney confessed. He didn’t always despise him. He enjoyed his novel Hillbilly Elegy, and thought he had some good ideas on how to reshape the Republican party away from Trumpism. Then he went full Trump.

“I do wonder, how do you make that decision?” Romney said of Vance’s makeover. “How can you go over a line so stark as that—and for what?” He added, “It’s not like you’re going to be famous and powerful because you became a United States senator. It’s like, really? You sell yourself so cheap?”

Romney also opened up about his D.C. living situation, where he often spent his time alone, his wife back home in Utah, stuck in a town where he had few real friends. Nights were often spent by himself, watching Ted Lasso or Better Call Saul, eating by himself. He’d eat healthy: his freezer is full of salmon.

Thing is, Romney didn’t actually care much for the fish. But he came up with a life hack: Throw it in a sandwich bun and slather it with ketchup.

Salmon pairs well with many condiments, but ketchup? No way. It’s not Romney’s only questionable food take: Over the summer, he decided to celebrate National Hot Dog Day in the weirdest way possible.

But at least he hates the guy who hates pornography.

(Via The Atlantic)