An Owner Strapped A GoPro To His Dog To See What He Does All Day And The Results Are Pretty Depressing

If you own a pet you’ve likely experienced the singular form of guilt that comes with leaving said animal alone all day. While we’d like to pretend they’re happily chewing shoes, eating their weight in kibble and napping while we’re off at work, frolicking with friends and basically being neglectful a**holes , the reality is much bleaker. Case in point: this guy who, before leaving his house one day, decided it would be a good idea to attach a GoPro to his Golden Doodle.

YouTube user Mike the Intern might have been expecting to see his best friend sh*tting on the carpet or tearing up the blinds but instead, he was treated to what may be the saddest video you’ll see today. As soon as his owner leaves the house with his friend (who probably feels like a total d*ck after initially laughing at the idea of the poor pup being left by himself with the camera) the dog goes wild, running to the door then back to the window, looking for his master. After pacing around the house and whining for a couple of minutes, the sad little guy finally gives up, jumps on the bed in what is hopefully a clean pile of laundry and begins howling at the ceiling.

Mike apparently went through hours of this kind of footage before loading some of it on YouTube. He also detailed his experience on Reddit and admitted to how awful seeing the whole thing really was:

(Note: This video only applies to dogs that are left alone. If you own a cat, you’re all good because cats just don’t give a sh*t.)