Politicians And Social Media Are Understandably Divided On Paul Ryan’s Resignation

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House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) shocked the country on Wednesday when he confirmed reports that he is not planning to seek re-election in the 2018 midterm elections. The official reason he gave was wanting to spend more time with his family and children, but the unofficial reason that’s the subject of intense speculation is that, well … Ryan may see the writing on the wall for an upcoming blue wave that has the drastic potential to shake things up on Capitol Hill.

Ryan said however that he does not plan to step down from his position as speaker of the house between now and the end of his term in Congress January.

While some are celebrating Ryan for distancing himself from the current administration in the process of resigning from office, others are remembering a career which was spent largely trying to besiege the poor, minorities and women. Case in point, Ryan eloquently said last year that he had been dreaming of slashing Medicaid benefits since he was just a devil-may-care youth sitting around drinking out of a keg.

As such, many on Twitter were less than kind in the wake of Ryan’s retirement announcement:




Others, on the other hand, are coming forward to implore Ryan to stand up and do some good before he leaves office in November:

Meanwhile, a few distinct voices wish Ryan the best in his future endeavors: