Of All People, Bob Uecker Claims That ‘Major League IV’ Is In The Works

Two weeks ago, the Milwaukee Brewers announced that when the 2014 Major League Baseball season begins, there’s going to be one less seat available in Miller Park for fans, because longtime announcer and former player Bob Uecker is getting a second statue. While the first one is currently greeting fans outside of the stadium, this new tribute will be what is known as the “Uecker Seats,” or basically the nosebleeds, to honor Uecker’s legendary Miller Lite commercials and his all-around awesome personality. And now we can add “movie news source” to his legacy as well, because Mr. Baseball kind of spilled the beans on Major League 4.

Charlie Sheen has wanted to make another Major League movie for some time, and it probably wouldn’t be too hard to bring some of the other guys back in managerial roles, obviously, but what Uecker is pushing is more news than rumor.

“I’ll be honest with you, they’re talking about it,” Uecker said, according to Milwaukee Brewers beat writer Adam McCalvy. “The storyline is all set, too. They’ve already asked me if I would be in for ‘Major League IV,’ and I told them I would.

“I’ve talked to the directors. They’re talking about it and they’re pretty serious, but that’s all I can tell you, really. If there was more, I would tell you that, too. They have been talking about it for the last year-plus. As a matter of fact, they called me during the season last year and asked me if I would be in.” (Via Fox Sports)

The important question remains – can we please pretend like Major League: Back to the Minors never happened?

“’Major League III’ stunk, so ‘Major League IV’ I’m sure is going to be better than ‘Major League III,’ which they sold to a different company,” Uecker said. “That thing was on airplanes the day after we finished it.”

In case I haven’t made it clear, Bob Uecker is the best. As always, if I mention Uecker in any capacity, I have to post this video of him interviewing Andre the Giant from Wrestlemania IV. It’s the law around here.