Peter Dinklage’s Yearbook Photo Is A Be-Mulleted Masterpiece

It’s reassuring to know even suave, handsome celebrities had an awkward phase at some point when they were merely suave, handsome non-celebrities with awesome mullets. And Peter Dinklage, it turns out, had a mullet even more impressive than the one rocked by January Jones. As Redditor C-16 puts it, “He demanded trial by mullet. He won.”

This picture is going on our inspiration board next to the yearbook photos of D&D fan Patton Oswalt, Cosby sweater Louis C.K., long-haired Aaron Paul, ’90s bangs Amy Poehler, smoldering Nick Offerman, and goth alterna-chick Christina Hendricks.

Prepare to gaze upon mullet greatness.

His yearbook quote was, “Words are tools of imagery in motion” by Sam Shepard. And he’s been using his words as tools — to great success — ever since.

Via Reddit