Flying Snowballs Are The Real Blizzard 2016 Hazard For Reporters In Philly

Blizzard conditions suck. The cold sucks. The wind sucks. The bits of ice that cut up your face like Frosty’s torture porn starter kit suck. There’s a lot of whimsy to projected on winter storms, but these things just plain suck. Well, that is until you can factor in the soul nourishing excellence that comes from a well tossed snowball. It’s good for the spirit, but it’s wreaking havoc on anyone giving an update on the weather.

Reporters in Philadelphia are facing an unexpected hazard in the form of freshly lobbed (battery-free) snowballs. Philadelphia Magazine associate editor Dan McQuade has kept an eye on who’s been hit with these chilly projectiles and the results are remarkable. Check out this NBC reporter that soldiers on despite getting popped with a snowball. PROFESSIONALISM!

A correspondent from CNN has also fallen victim to getting drilled with a snowball while on duty. Actually, “drilled” is a bit too intense. The softly packed snowball is lobbed like a ball of yarn and it busts up on the fancy basic cable news jacket without much fuss.

McQuade’s snippets of snowball hurling aren’t just limited to reporters getting hit with the white stuff. One CBS correspondent is ready to fight snow with snow. Let the chilliest brand of revenge commence!

It’s nice to watch this sort of .gif action while bundled up inside, eh? Woo! Temporary weather-related hubris!

(via BroBible)