A Man Was Tazed By Police While Playing ‘Pokemon Go’ And Now His Mom Wants To Sue ‘Pokemon’

It’s hard not to resist real life pulling at you when you’re playing Pokemon Go. True reality isn’t nearly as engaging as augmented reality, especially when the reality of the situation is that your reality is based in augmented reality. Wait, I just went cross-eyed…

Tampa resident and hardcore Pokemon Go player David Mastrototaro was tazed by Tampa police Thursday night when he resisted arrest by refusing to get down on the ground and stop catching Pokemon (while mouthing off to the police who told him to leave the closed park he was hunting in). Mastrototaro was with over 150 other players when a complaint was called in and police arrived to take down the trespassing poke-mob.

Tampa’s WFL8 got the scoop:

“The officer continued to ask the suspect to get on the ground numerous times, which the suspect just refused to do so, which resulted in him being tased,” said Janelle McGregor with Tampa Police.

Mastrototaro’s mother was livid that her trainer son would be treated like this:

“These cops gotta stop. I mean someone can yap yap yap, but he’s not attacking you… This is all over Pokemon. I’m gonna sue Pokemon for this and I’m gonna sue Tampa Police.”

You can hear Mastrototaro cursing at the police officer in the video before he’s put in his car by a woman who he was with before he got back out (to catch Pokemon) which led to the incident occurring.

(Via WFL8)