Rudy Giuliani Is Flipping Out Over The Jan. 6 Hearings: ‘The Criminals Are Holding The Hearing!’

Some members of the January 6th House Select Committee have promised that “bombshells” will be dropped tonight, June 9th, when the commission goes live in primetime to lay out what they have learned during their year-long probe over how a group of insurrectionists found themselves in the Capitol rotunda last year. While Rudy Giuliani is doing his best to play it cool, as evidenced by the one too many unbuttoned buttons on his shirt, it’s likely that he’s sh*tting his pants over what will be revealed.

On Wednesday night, per Raw Story, Giuliani chatted about tonight’s hearings with Newsmax’s painfully obsequious Greg Kelly (the same nitwit he once claimed he “toked up” with some friends in Kentucky and woke up in Kenya four days later with no memory of how he got there). After Rudy confirmed that he did indeed have to testify before the committee, Kelly asked a deeply probing question: “What do you think’s gonna happen?”

Giuliani, without really answering (or perhaps not understanding) the question, responded:

“I think the thing has become a complete political sideshow of a group of people who should be investigated for perpetrating the Russian hoax. Certainly the chairman, Betty Thompson, and Shifty Schiff and Raskin—all those guys lie about Russia, and tried to frame a president. I mean, it’s ridiculous. The criminals are holding the hearings!”

Which sort of sounds like the unhinged Republican version of “the call is coming from inside the house.”

As if this whole softball line of question weren’t nausea-inducing enough on its own, Kelly closed it out by thanking the former New York City mayor and predicted that “you will be vindicated. And I look forward to seeing you receive the Presidential Medal of Honor for all your trouble.” (Spoiler alert: That will never happen.)

(Via Raw Story)