Samuel L. Jackson Joins Twitter On Fallon, Sends The Most Appropriate First Tweet Ever

Late yesterday afternoon I saw in a couple of places that Samuel L. Jackson had joined Twitter. It’s almost 2012 so a celebrity announcing they’re joining Twitter is about as exciting as me announcing I’m going to have leftover eggplant parm for lunch, but upon hearing the news I immediately made a mental exception for the simple fact that I’m obsessed with the idea of hearing Sam Jackson’s voice every time I read one of his tweets. Hell, I think my million dollar idea may be a Jules Winnfield Twitter app that reads all incoming tweets in Sam Jackson’s voice.

Part I of the interview where Sam does his best impression of your dad using an iPad is above. The most appropriate, kinda NSFW-ish first tweet ever is after the jump, followed by Part II of the interview where he discusses his new MLK play and the Avengers trailer and then (spoiler alert) thoroughly dominates Fallon in home run derby. If you haven’t seen the Avengers trailer and can’t access video at work I thought this did a pretty good job summing it up.

Source: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon