Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn: A Meme Retrospective

With Dark Knight Rises countdown now under twenty-four hours I’d like to take a moment to look back at one of my favorite internet takes on the 2008 phenomenon that was The Dark Knight. As we’re all aware the world wide web was as consumed then with all things Joker and “Why so serious?” as it is now with Bane and “Don’t spoil me, bro.” My favorite meme to emerge from of all that ’08 obsession  was — with “It’s Simple, We Kill The Batman” coming in a close second — the take on Michael Caine’s masterful “Some men just want to watch the world burn” line.

Caine’s voice + how well the text works as an image inlay = good meme-ing.

The wordplay variations that derived were undeniably excellent (many of those to come), but I must say my favorites are the ones that couple mundanely unconventional takes on every day life with Michael Caine’s words in my head. All very Neil deGrasse Tyson. And that’s just good comedy.

Sources: Know Your Meme & Google Images

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