A ‘Provocative’ Shirt Led To This Tinder User Being Kicked Out Of Her Sorority

A junior at the University of Nebraska Omaha claims she was kicked out of her sorority over a “provocative” photo on her Tinder. Shannon Workman was a member of Chi Omega until Sunday, when she was called in for a meeting. Other members of her sorority told her she had violated the “Rule of Human Dignity” (yes) because eight months before, she used a picture of herself wearing a shirt that read “Sweet Home Chi Omega” on the dating app.

But her mom said it was cool!

“There’s nothing provocative about the picture whatsoever. It’s in very good taste and not risque. It’s ridiculous,” Jill Workman, Shannon’s mom said. “This has been on her site for eight months and for now, for it suddenly to become a problem. I think it’s ridiculous.” she said.

The 20-year-old had been a member of Chi Omega for three years, and Shannon still has no idea why she was booted, especially because the picture in question “was me at Bid Day wearing the outfit they gave us,” she told WOWT. But the Rule of Human Dignity states that sorority sisters aren’t allowed to upload photos while wearing their letters that would bring “disrespect to the chapter.” There goes half the profile pics on Tinder.

“I’ve learned my friends will always be my friends no matter if I’m in a sorority or not. I’ve learned how many people care for me,” Shannon said. “Chi Omegas from all over the world have reached out to me saying they’re sorry and they’re there for me. They’re still my best friends and I have nothing but respect for them.”

It’s not Shannon’s fault — blame Robert Johnson.

(Via WOWT)

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