This Teacher’s Reaction To Some Fresh Sneaks Is A Little Slice Of Holiday Joy

If there was ever an under-appreciated profession, it would be teachers. Constantly sacrificing their time and money for the good of their students, the work that educators do often go unseen by many. However, one high school class decided to show a little love for their teacher and get him some rad new kicks to ring in the new year.

Taylor Kerby teaches psychology at Edgewood High School in West Covina, CA, and earlier this semester commented on how much he liked one of his student’s Vans sneakers. However, the group of 25 students decided to pool their money and get Kerby a pair, and his reaction to this thoughtful Christmas gift is pure holiday joy. What an encouragement for Kerby, who just started teaching at Edgewood this year and claimed that he “never expected to be liked.” It was also a tangible way to prove to Kerby’s friends and family, who had often discouraged him from teaching high school kids (because they can be terrible), that he was having a real effect on his students. “And it’s like, well, they don’t,” Kerby said. “If kids do suck, my kids don’t.”

Honestly, if this video doesn’t get you in the mood for a little Christmas giving, you might be an incurable Scrooge.

(Via Buzzfeed)