Ted Cruz Reverses Course By Calling January 6 Insurrectionists ‘Peaceful Protestors’ After Formerly Labeling Them ‘Terrorists’

Sound the alarm: Ted Cruz is back on his bullsh*t! On Monday night, the Texas senator was chatting with Sean Hannity about the pro-choice protestors who are demonstrating outside the homes of the five conservative Supreme Court Justices who are working to overturn Roe v. Wade. Cruz thinks it’s a horrible thing, and actually had the audacity to describe the situation as “complete hypocrisy.”

As Cruz sees it:

“On January 6, 2021, you had tens of thousands of people peacefully protesting, and yet the corporate media and Democrats slander them with the made-up term ‘insurrectionists.’ And yet, in this instance, they are not willing to call off their goons even now—even now as this has the potential to escalate and escalate further.”

There’s definitely one goon here. And it’s the guy who all of a sudden thinks that “insurrectionist” isn’t a real word.

While there’s certainly nothing shocking about a Republican slamming pro-choice protestors, that it’s Cruz of all people is where the real hypocrisy lies—and yet it’s not at all surprising.

Meidas Touch shared the same clip from Cruz’s Monday night Fox News interview, but paired it with two other clips of Teddy talking about the events of January 6th, the first one from back in the very same month they happened, at which time he seemed to have a much different viewpoint.

Describing the Capitol rioters as “terrorists,” Cruz talked about how shocking it was to see these people “attacking police officers” and “tragically murdering a police officer.” He called the events of that day “a violent attack on the Capitol” in which we saw “terrorists breaking onto the floor of the Senate chamber and the floor of the House. And all of us are horrified.”

The clip then cut ahead to early January 2022—yep, four months ago—just ahead of the one-year anniversary of the riots, which Cruz described as a “solemn” occasion. “It is an anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol,” he explained.

As they say, hindsight is 20/20.

(Via Aaron Rupar)