Teen Tripping On Acid Claims To Be God, Asks Cops To Cut His Penis Off

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04.27.13 7 Comments

How would you start a newspaper story about a Florida teen who believes he’s God and wants his penis cut off?

It seems some bad acid is still floating around, 43 years after the drug caused some issues at the Woodstock music festival. (Via)

Probably not like that, but don’t worry, it gets better…for everyone except the almost-dickless God kid.

A University of Florida student was arrested for a Saturday incident in which he was wandering around naked, making random statements about God and, first, telling people not to cut off his penis and then to cut it off, Gainesville police reported.

Kids today, they don’t know what they want. In my day, when we said we wanted our penises cut off, they came off.

Michael Joseph Silecchia, 19, who lives on campus, also yelled that he had done acid — the drug LSD. He was charged Monday with battery on a medical care provider, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer.

The incident occurred about 1:25 a.m. at the Campus Club apartments at 4000 SW 37th Blvd. Police were called about a suspicious person and found Silecchia wandering around. As police arrived he began taking off his clothes and was naked as he mumbled and made random statements, the arrest report states.

Police got Silecchia to the ground, but he punched an officer in the head. He was Tased about six times with no effect, the report states. Eventually Silecchia was taken to Shands at the University of Florida, where he spit on employees, police reported.

I think what happened here is that Michael simply went all out with his Varys cosplaying.

Either that, or Florida.

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