That Viral Green-Haired Witness Was A Contestant On ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

Yesterday, video went viral of a flamboyant man giving a statement to local news about an accident he witnessed while headed to a local Burger King, when a Jackson, Miss. police vehicle crashed into a van it was chasing. He quickly became an internet sensation, not just because of his bright green hair and matching manicure, but because of his colorful recollection of the incident, with lines like, “Well, ma’am, I was actually going to buy me a piece of burger from Burger King, and I just stopped right in the middle because my hunger just went away!”

However, the man in the video has now been identified as Courtney Barnes, and it’s not his first foray into television. Barnes appeared as recently as the current season of So You Think You Can Dance, even making it to the Las Vegas finals at one point. In the above clip, Barnes says that he became such a star that he gets recognized everywhere from “the bus station to the funeral home.” I’d guess his local news appearance yesterday just added at least 14 minutes back onto his foray into fame, but I don’t think anyone would mind if he stuck around longer.

(Via International Business Times)