The Adult Swim Art Show: For Your Health

Blake Downs, M.D.” and “Dr. Steve Brule” by Bruce White

Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles has kicked off another awesome art show to rival their Bill Murray fan art (here and here), their Garbage Pail Kids exhibit, and their Ghosts show. Their [adult swim] art tribute opened Friday night and runs till February 4th. Many of the works can be viewed here and may still be for sale. G1988 reported they had customers lining up 28 hours before the doors opened, and I’ll take their word for it because people have camped out much longer for much dumber reasons. I can understand camping out to snag a sweet painting of Dr. Steve Brule and turn it into a puzzle. (A wise man once said you can make your own puzzles, dingus.)

It was an enormous art show, including works from: Adam Hanson, Adam Setala, Alex Campos, Alex Chiu, Alex Todaro, Allison Sommers, Anne Benjamin, Audrey Pongracz, Augie Pagan, Ayami Kawashima, Becky Dreisdadt, Brandon Schaefer, Brian Holderman, Bruce White, Casey Weldon, Charles Moran, Chogrin, Chris DeLorenzo, Oh my god this list is enormous, Christopher Lee, Chuck BB, Clark Orr, Dan Bob Thompson, Dan Goodsell, Dan Lydersen, Dave Perillo, Delicious Design League, Derek Eads, FIVE GOLDEN RINGS, Doe Eyed Design, Doug LaRocca, Drew Falchetta, Eric Braddock, Eric Tan, Evanimal, Fernando Reza, Glen Brogan, Graham Erwin, Irma Rivera, Iron Jaiden, James Flames, Jason Edmiston, Is this thing still going?, Jason Hernandez, Jason Marz, Jaw Cooper, Jayson Weidel, Jesse Riggle, Jimbot, Joe Van Wetering, Joey Spiotto, Johnny Bergeron, Jon Smith, I can’t believe I’m typing this, Jonathan Luna, Jordan Buckley, Josh Cooley, Joshua Budich, Julia Vickerman, Julian Callos, Justin Helton, Justin White, Kali Meadows, kaNO, Karla Hansen, Kevin Tong, Kiersten Essenpreis, Kim Herbst, This art show has literally everyone ever, Kyle Norris, Lauren Gregg, Lawrence Yang, Little Friends of Printmaking, Luke Chueh, Martin Ontiveros, Matt Chase, Michael Ramstead, Michael Steele, Michelle Coffee, Wrists . . . cramping, Mike Maas, Mike Mitchell, Miranda Dressler, Monster Factory, Mylan Nguyen, Nicole Bruckman, Nicole Gustafsson, Olly Moss, What am I doing with my life?, Pedro Delgado, Rexbox, Reza Rasoli, Reilly Stroope, Ryan Brinkerhoff, Sarah ‘Sae’ Soh, Scott Belcastro, Scott Listfield, Did I leave the oven on?, Scott Scheidly, Sean Clarity, Sean Dove, Shana Bilbrey, State of Shock Studios, Steve Dressler, Nope it’s off, Steven Thomas, Todd Slater, Tom Whalen, Veronica Fish, aaaaaand Zac Gorman. Did I lose you? We still cool? Cool.
Since the amount of art can be overwhelming (as evidenced by the paragraph above), we’ve put a sampling of 30+ great ones here. Like all things [adult swim], you don’t have to be stoned to enjoy them, but it helps. For your health.
[Thanks to Bren for the tip.]

Augie Pagan “Black Dynamite

Audrey Pongracz “Hunger Force” (inspired by Aqua Teen Hunger Force)

Alex Chiu “Stewie Ain’t Impressed With Neato Beaver

Alex Chiu “Stewie Ain’t Impressed With Rainbow Unicorn

Dan Lydersen “Carl” (inspired by Aqua Teen Hunger Force)

Rezatron ”Aqua Teen Hunger Force Meal

Chuck BB “Dingus” (inspired by Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!)

Fernando Reza “Brazil’s Number One Board Game” Framed Print (inspired by Childrens Hospital)

Casey Weldon “Kissy Kitty” (inspired by Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!)

Allison Sommers “Madonna And Child” (inspired by Space Ghost Coast To Coast)

Anne Benjamin “Brock, By Odin!” (inspired by The Venture Bros.)

Dan Goodsell “Representify” (inspired by Squidbillies)

Jon Smith “I Do Cocaine“, screenprinted on a mirror of course (inspired by Metalocalypse)

Eric Braddock “Jedi Master Yoda” (inspired by Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

Glen Brogan “Are You Getting Enough Oxygen” (inspired by Space Ghost Coast To Coast)

Glen Brogan “From Venture With Love” (inspired by The Venture Bros.)

Jason Edmiston “Robot Chicken” (inspired by Robot Chicken)

Jason Hernandez “Farewell Forever” (inspired by Space Ghost Coast to Coast)

Jimbot “The Hunt For The Happy Cake Oven” (inspired by Sealab 2021)

Joe Van Wetering “The 10 Rules Of Brule” (inspired by Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!)

State of Shock Studios ”Xenomorphis Mooninitus” (inspired by Aqua Teen Hunger Force)

Joey Spiotto “The Venture Bros. & Friends

Jonathan Luna “MC” (inspired by The Venture Bros.)

Jan Skylar” and “Wayne Skylar” by Justin White (inspired by Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!)

Scott Listfield ”The Fall Of Master Shake” (inspired by Aqua Teen Hunger Force)

Mike Mitchell “Sweeberrehwhy!” (inspired by Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!)

Scott Scheidly ”Uncle Gabby” (inspired by Drinky Crow)

Miranda Dressler “Where’s My Chippy?” (inspired by Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!)

Nicole Bruckman ”Winky And Blinky” (inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole)

Pedro Delgado ”Mugshots From The Ghost Planet…” (inspired by Space Ghost Coast To Coast)

Steve Dressler ”Steve Brule” (inspired by Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!)

Scott Listfield ”Mooninite” (inspired by Aqua Teen Hunger Force) NEVER FORGET.