The Best Of Gillian Jacobs’s UPROXX Live Discussion

Despite some technical difficulties, yesterday’s UPROXX live discussion with Gillian Jacobs was my favorite of our many chats with people more pretty and famous than us. Not only did Community‘s Britta respond to questions about Words with Friends, Choke, and glasses, but the true highlight came when Kevin the Robot asked Gillian what her favorite rap album from the 1990s is. She replied: Ill Communication. Most excellent.

Here are some of the finest questions-and-answers between the future Emmy winner and you pie-pushers.

blairtch: Q & A with britta perry? Is this really happening? /explodes

Gillian Jacobs: Hi and thanks! I think the pizza hungee dance and people seem to really love the baggle story line.


Fupi98: Are you, in real life, the worst?

Gillian Jacobs: I hope not….


dax montana: Don’t kiss the messenger, but Troy cheated on you with Lena Dunham. You should retaliate in kind with Alex Kerkovich.

Gillian Jacobs: HE DID???? I’ll get that Hannah Horvath


DarjeelingFan: A couple of your co-stars have their hats in a lot of different arenas. If you could be on another show simultaneously as Community which one would you like to be on?

Gillian Jacobs: Veep


Vagabond Joe: Britta’s Season 4 glasses have kind of become a pop phenomenon. Is it difficult to work with a prop that has such a huge following and (I assume) ego?

Gillian Jacobs: Ha! for the documentary episode I asked if I could wear the glasses. It wasn’t in the script but I think anytime Britta is trying to be smart she wears the glasses. Glad you guys like them!


TFBuckFutter: I am going to be a gentleman and bow out of this. I know I can’t handle the pressure of not marginalizing her talent by fawning over her appearance in Choke.

Gillian Jacobs: Thank you, Sir.


Rhelgy: Rob Lowe has said ever since he took the role of Chris Traeger on Parks and Rec he can’t stop saying Lit’rally in real life. Can you say the same about any of your quotable moments on Community?

Gillian Jacobs: I feel like people can’t stop tweeting me “Oh Britta’s in this?” I think I say duh-doy in real life.


Keating Sean: Apart from Words with Friends, what other games do you enjoy ruining?

Gillian Jacobs: ALL OF THEM.


Oski: What’s the most recent thing you really “Britta’d” in real life?

Gillian Jacobs: i run into a lot of stationary objects.


Duchess: How’s your day, Ann Hathaway?

Gillian Jacobs: mighty fine, kevin kline


Philip Rivers Cuomo: How would you prefer to see Britta at the end of the series? With Troy or Jeff; neither? Moving on to get a psych degree?

Gillian Jacobs: as a really successful therapist. with a hundred one-eyed cats.


Kevin the Robot: What’s your favorite cartoon from the 80’s and rap album from the 90’s?

Gillian Jacobs: Count Duckula and Ill Communication.


Canadian Scott: You guys are all pretty talented comedic actors in your own right and we know there is a lot of comedic talent working as your writers but how much input do you have in your lines? Is there a ton of ad-libbing? Who is really good at making things up on the fly? Those are three questions I know but they are all related.

Gillian Jacobs: We ad lib sometimes but it rarely makes it into the show. “People’s Champion” was an improv of mine. Donald and Jim are outstanding at improv.

Amemz: This isn’t a question, but I just wanted to say that as a young woman who follows you on Instagram, it’s nice to see someone who isn’t afraid to post goofy pictures of herself and isn’t always plastered with makeup in them. Also, I loved those videos you did for Rookie.

Gillian Jacobs: Thank you! I hate makeup and almost never wear it in my day-to-day life. Keep being goofy and don’t wear makeup. Isn’t Rookie awesome?


Stinky Pete: two quick ones: 1. Love the glasses, your idea or did a stylist come up with it? 2. Who wins a wet t-shirt contest: you, Alison or Joel?

Gillian Jacobs: I think the glasses were written into the script initially but I have asked for them to be added to scenes. Depends on the audience for the wet t-shirt contest, right?


Kevin the Robot: What House do you most identify with on Game of Thrones?

Gillian Jacobs: The Dragon.


SamsDog: how are you and Garry (Mr) Marshall doing these days?

Gillian Jacobs: No comment.


Armorcladinosor: which character are you most like on Full House?

Gillian Jacobs: who was the annoying neighbor? Kimmy Gibbler?


Lowkey: Oh, and how in GOD’S GREEN EARTH did you decide on Milo as the project for your first leading actress movie role?

Gillian Jacobs: who wouldn’t want to be in a movie about an ass monster starring Ken Marino?


Lance Bravestar: Which Britta GIF is your favorite?

Gillian Jacobs: Me dancing in the tree costume with “Haters gonna hate” underneath


IrishCream: How much fun do you have playing with Annie’s Boobs? /see what I did there?

Gillian Jacobs: OH MR IRISH CREAM! You’re a card!


Philip Rivers Cuomo: Which of the Dean’s outfits will you be most tempted to steal once the show ends?

Gillian Jacobs: the half man/half woman! he had such a nice time at the bank in that one!


tuggernuts: If you could have a guest role on any show currently on tv where your character gets killed by a regular on that show, who would you want to kill your character and why?

Gillian Jacobs: I was killed by Anna Torv on Fringe. Does that count?


Jake Plummers Porn Stache: Will we ever see Goth Britta again? Please, for the love of God, say yes.

Gillian Jacobs: ask the writers. :)


DaRooster: Favorite guest star you’ve had on Community?

Gillian Jacobs: NickKrollPaulFTompkingsJackBlackMattWalsh and others


Chris Niermann: kill, marry, screw: Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Donald Glover, Chevy Chase, or Ken Jeong and why?

Gillian Jacobs: kill ’em all!