The Best Pop Culture Cinemagraphs On The Internet

Cinemagraphs are a relatively new and arty form of animated media where only a portion of the image is actually animated. Know Your Meme traces the origin back to a February 2011 post on the From Me to You Tumblr blog. As you can tell from perusing the Tumblr tag they’ve become pretty popular for fashion or simple artistic expression, and while there’s no denying they’re cool and often beautiful, most examples — that aren’t a taxi in the window or a cat filing its nails — fail to resonate with me.
Bottom line: MOAR pop culture cinemagraphs please. I’m simply mesmerized by this Jack Rabbit Slim’s cinemagraph by David Centeno, and I can only imagine how much potential the rest of Pulp Fiction, or Fight Club, or really any film with a cult following has. I’m sure cinemagraphs are painstakingly difficult to make, and this tutorial seems to emphasize that, so just know that when you’re making them, I really appreciate it.
Here’s every mesmerizing, beautiful, wonderful, and creepy pop culture cinemagraph I could find to help spread the cinemagraph gospel. Fingers crossed there’s a part two to this in the near future.

Sources: Tumblr, Web Design Shock, CoolGizmoToys