The Fascinating Pop Culture Word Art Of Huy Lam

Senior Writer

The above painting looks pretty standard, right? Just another fan tribute to Star Wars, one would assume. Well it’s not that simple at all. Artist Huy Lam’s tribute to Darth Vader goes a bit deeper than just a few hundred or so brush strokes. Armed with his fascination with perception and a 4-point font, Lam creates his incredible portraits by using words that describe the subject and repeating them thousands of times until the image is perfected. It’s like copy and paste for the OCD crowd.
Lam’s Vader portrait is titled, “Not My Father” and that’s the phrase that he uses to create the powerful image of Luke Skywalker’s Jedi dad (close-up below). Impressive, right? I’m going to assume that you either shouted, “Hell yeah” and high-fived me through your monitor or you at least nodded in vague approval. One of these days I’ll perfect my insta-cam that allows me to watch you read these posts. And shower. Gotta give and take, friends.
Check out more of Lam’s incredible word art after the jump.

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