The Mila Kunis Being Adorable GIF Wall

Let’s recap. Over the last couple of weeks Mila Kunis has come out as a Trekkie while posing with an iced latte, accepted a date to a Marine Ball, prompted Justin Timberlake to accept a date to a Marine Ball, and been just about everywhere else being her adorable self. All while promoting a movie that’s exactly the same as a movie two of her former co-stars just made.

Now I’m not saying you’re going to see me giggling at a formula comedy over the weekend just because Mila Kunis is awesome, but she is pretty awesome. She’s internet darling turning internet sensation right before our eyes. Just check out all the Tumblr action dedicated to her (here, herehere, and here). It’s enough to inspire someone to put together a GIF wall dedicated to just how adorable she is.

Someone let Timberlake know he’s not exactly slacking either. Note to Hollywood: You can get away with unoriginality when talented, uber-likable, internet-friendly people are doing all the work for you.