The Mystery Of The Sassy Pink Lady Emoji Lady Has Finally Been Revealed

We all know her, we all love her, but it wasn’t until recently did we truly understand the Sassy Pink Lady Emoji. Originally, Unicode  called her an “information desk person”, but we certainly knew that this brassy babe didn’t belong at a desk transferring calls all day. We use her to throw shade, we use her to tell our friends, “I told you that your husband was cheating on you,” but apparently we’ve been using her all wrong. According to Tech.Mic, a theory surrounding the Sassy Pink Lady Emoji has surfaced and it’s pretty mind blowing. Jessi Stern from Toronto figured out that our sassy friend isn’t sassy at all, but is simply part of a narrative surrounding a new haircut.

Part 1 shows the emoji getting a haircut and part 2 is the result of said haircut with the emoji showing it off. Mind you, Stern discovered this at 1:13 a.m. and everyone knows that only the best ideas happen during the wee hours, so this nocturnal Canadian might be on to something!

This isn’t the first time someone had a theory about this emoji. Back in 2014, Walter Green thought the Pink Lady Emoji was part of a wedding narrative.

However, a lot has happened in the world of emojis since 2014, so Stern’s new theory holds up a bit better than Green’s. No matter what, we’ll still be using this emoji to tell our friends, “no big deal”.

(Via: Tech.Mic)

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