This Boy Handing A Foul Ball To A Gorgeous Girl Is The Smoothest Thing You’ll See Today

[mlbvideo id=”32952311″ width=”650″ height=”400″ /]

When I was little, I always brought a mitt to a Tigers game in hopes I’d have an opportunity snag a foul ball. Did I ever catch one? No, of course not. But, if I caught one now, I would probably just give it to some kid nearby because making a little kid smile is a pretty cool thing. This boy had something different going through his head when he was lucky enough to snag a foul at a Blue Jays-Rangers game.

But, let’s sit back and really look at the footage of this video. Okay? Watch when he catches the ball…

He gave the girl a different ball! He is the King of Subterfuge! Give this kid the key to all the cities. Think about it: He brought a ball to goof around with at the game, and probably never thought about the possibility of catching one. Once he did, might as well give it to the girl in the back since he has a real one. Kid’s got sick game.

(Via Deadspin)