This ‘Ghost On The Subway’ Prank Is Legitimately The Most Messed Up Thing You’ll See Today

Riding the subway can be an awful experience. The urine smell, rude passengers, crazy homeless people, and the seemingly endless shutdowns during service are all pretty scary in their own right. One Brazlian TV show, though, took a bad subway ride to a whole new level of pants-crapping insanity.

Programma Silvio Santos is a popular television show on Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão (SBT) in Brazil. As a segment for the program, the producers and crew set up hidden cameras on a subway to prank unsuspecting passengers. The basic premise is the passengers would enter a seemingly normal subway car, but then the lights would flicker out. When they come back on there is a ghostly woman holding a baby. After a few seconds of confusion, the ghost woman screams bloody murder and the passengers are scared nearly to death.

The best part of the clip has to be at the 5:02 mark, when two men are so shocked they hide under the seats of the subway car and go into a girlish screaming fit. Not gonna lie, fellas… I’d be under those benches, too.

Source: BroBible