This Hero Dad Brilliantly Spoofed His Son’s Facebook Profile Photo Selfie Spot On

Although I don’t personally have kids myself, it seems like some of the best parents I know are the ones willing to have a good laugh at their offspring’s expense. In this “participation award” society we now reside in, what better way for a kid to learn some humility than to have a parent creatively install it in them?

So I’d like to give a round of applause to this dad who brilliantly recreated his 20-year-old son Josh’s selfie with his friend Sammy, with help from his wife, Josh’s stepmom Deborah — right down to his son’s friend’s flower tattoo. According to the Huffington Post, neither kid was upset with the spoof, which the dad submitted to Imgur — so I’m guessing this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Plus, added bonus? Now Josh has an idea of what he’s going to look like in twenty-five years.

Youth: Enjoy it while you can, kiddo.