This Sweet Bonnaroo Proposal Will Make You Temporarily Forget How Annoying Hipsters Are

Even though there’s not much about music festivals and the hipsters that attend them that don’t full on raise my hackles, I’m also kind of a sap for cutesy proposals — so this guy’s Bonnaroo proposal from last week has completely won me over. He detailed the entire thing over on Reddit and imgur, but basically, after six months of planning, he solicited the help of a group of people he met at Bonnaroo to help propose to his girlfriend by passing out the above flyers with flowers that the festival-goers came up and handed to her (followed by some dude playing “Dead Sea” by the Lumineers, because of course).

The flowers were just enough distraction that his little lady was taken completely by surprise when she turned and found her boyfriend down on one knee. If this isn’t enough to swell the blackest of hearts, then I don’t know what hope there is for the world.

(Via Reddit)