Today’s Incredibly Nasty Political Attack Ad Comes To Us From South Carolina

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04.21.14 13 Comments
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Well, it looks like it’s that time of the year, friends. But then, do political attack ads ever really end? It seems like as long as there’s a politician screwing up and getting the boot from office somewhere, there are a dozen ads being created to help convince people to vote for the guy from the other party. Today’s new national political attack ad is a big one, as it targets South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen (D), who is reportedly currently trailing in the polls. If the Republican Governors Association has its way, Sheheen is soon going to be trailing a lot, because this ad might as well accuse him of slaughtering puppies, too.

I’m no strategist, but Sheheen and his people should respond to this video by saying it is mean. That might get some people back on his side.

(Via Political Wire)

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