Trump Is Pissed That Rupert Murdoch Admitted Fox News Hosts Spread Voter Fraud Nonsense

On Monday, the world learned a not very surprising thing about Fox News. Last month, honcho Rupert Murdoch was deposed over the Dominion lawsuit against his network, a transcript of which was finally made public. It was not good, at least for him and for some of his employees. For one thing, Sean Hannity, Murdoch claimed, was “privately disgusted” by Donald Trump’s voter fraud antics. For another, Murdoch himself admitted he let his hosts spread some of that very nonsense, knowing it was bunk.

The news predictably did not go over well with Trump himself, who took to his rinky-dink Twitter clone with one of his barely coherent rants about the conservative powerhouse with whom he’s currently feuding.

“Why is Rupert Murdoch throwing his anchors under the table,” he asked about the media titan testifying under oath. Trump claimed Murdoch being honest (again, while under oath), was “killing his case and infuriating his viewers, who will again be leaving in droves – they already are.”

As it happened, texts from Fox News hosts shortly after the 2020 election showed them admitting they were elevating claims they knew were BS because they were afraid of losing viewers to the likes of Newsmax and OANN.

Trump then did what he often does: Baselessly claim there’s proof of voter fraud in an election he lost almost two-and-a-half years ago.

“There is MASSIVE evidence of voter fraud & irregularities in the 2020 Presidential Election,” Trump railed. He then cited Dinesh D’Souza’s roundly mocked and discredited doc 2000 Mules, which the likes of Fox News still won’t touch because they don’t want to get even more sued. He ended his post with the word, “RIGGED!!!”

Meanwhile, Trump had his own humiliating revelation recently: He allegedly goaded his poor staffers into complain to Jimmy Kimmel’s bosses because Kimmel kept making fun of him.

(Via The Daily Beast)