Tucker Carlson Finds It ‘Appalling’ That Trump Hasn’t Donated Any Money To Help The Jan. 6 Rioters

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is the king of bad takes. And while the world has heard quite enough of his thoughts about the events of January 6, as reaction to his propagandizing Patriot Purge docuseries indicates, he managed to whip out yet another doozy on Tuesday by expressing disbelief that Donald Trump hasn’t sent any of his hard-scammed money to the rioters involved in insurrection on the Capitol.

On yesterday’s episode of Tucker Today (yes, he has a daytime series as well, which streams on Fox Nation and where Carlson dresses more like a cowboy), as Mediaite reported, Carlson—knowing he was about to stir up some sh*t—offered a bizarre opinion on the responsibility Trump had to the people who rioted on January 6th. While interviewing extreme right-wing political commentator and journalist Julie Kelly, who Mediaite describes as “a key figure in spreading conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and Jan. 6,” the two discussed their disappointment in Trump’s lack of monetary appreciation for the crazed citizens who smashed windows and incited a riot that left five people dead on his behalf. Here’s how that conversation went:

Tucker Carlson: People are going to be offended that I asked this, but I can’t control myself: So, like, what about the president on whose behalf they were gathered that day? Like, has anybody sent them money? … Brad Parscale, all these people around him, are getting rich, right?

Julie Kelly: Right.

Carlson: Complaining that the last election was rigged, which is clearly was. Obviously.

Kelly: Yes.

Carlson: And they’re making all this money and all these people are sending this money down to Florida. But is any of that money going to defend these people who went to this rally on behalf of that candidate?

Kelly: Not that I know of. And I will say no. No. And it’s a question that I have been asking myself and I a lot of them have been asking too. A lot of them were there to support Trump. They were there to protest the election being taken from him unlawfully. But aside, really, from a few comments about political prisoners — he has said a few things about Ashli Babbitt — to my knowledge… no, there has not been any financial aide coming from anyone of a prominent position to help these people.

Carlson: I just find that appalling I really do. I really find that appalling.

Amazingly, just one night before—on Tucker Carlson Tonight (which, ironically, is the Baywatch to Tucker Today‘s Baywatch Nights)—the host seemed to have a different opinion when discussing Lindsey Graham’s reaction to the Capitol being infiltrated by violent protestors. While his main point was to condemn Graham for suggesting that the Capitol police brandish their weapons, Carlson also made sure to point out that the “unarmed protestors… shouldn’t have been there. We’ve never defended that and never would.”

But paying them for their patriotism? Well, that seems to be a different story.

(Via Mediaiate)