‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Trailer Hits The Web, Makes TwiTard Girl Cry

Last night the trailer for the next installment of the Twilight series — obnoxiously titled The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 — was unleashed on the web, giving their crazy fans something to get crazy about in anticipation of the film’s release this November. It also gave them something to sit in their dimly lit rooms and cry hysterically about, which, I suppose, is perfectly inline with the behavior of crazy people, as the TwiTard in the video above (the appropriately named “Nutty Madam”) did in her reaction video.

I find it kind of hilarious that, as of this writing, the ridiculous reaction video above has been viewed more times (30,000) than the trailer the person in the video is actually reacting to (19,000). I’m not exactly sure what that says about Twilight, but I think it says a lot.

Here’s the actual trailer for Breaking Dawn btw…

(via Buzzfeed)