These Twins’ Live Face Swap Will Make You Question Your Reality As You Know It

Life & Culture Editor

Face swaps are terrifying: You know it, I know it, even Chrissy Teigen knows it. And yet, peoplle, like these two Russian brothers, are still doing them to the delight and horror of a global audience.

The below video, which shows two guys capitalizing on the face swapping trend, isn’t going to scare you (thought it might blow your mind a little) but it will confuse you for at least 10 seconds (or however long it takes you to figure out which guy is which and then shake your head to clear your mind of the discomfort). Why? Because it confused them, too. The brothers, speaking some chill Russian in the video (fortunately, I am fluent; unfortunately, I have stood in a line for underwear in my childhood), can’t tell each other apart after the swap’s been completed, wondering if it’s going to happen before quickly realizing that their faces have already been swapped…they really just do look identical.

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