Here’s A Video Of An Elephant Wearing Jeans. You’re Welcome.

“I don’t think so, Tim.”

Lorena Garal and Nawed Kahn traveled to Jaipur, India to make a video about how to win the city’s annual elephant beauty pageant. The tutorial currently has only a handful of views (eight!), which goes against everything I thought I knew about the Internet, because it features an elephant wearing jeans.

Their five-step guide is pretty straightforward: give the elephant a bath, choose the right outfit, further humiliate the majestic creature by applying “make up” (paint), enter the pageant, win.

But a major curveball occurs when, without explanation, Lorena and Nawed shun traditional pageant garb and dress the elephant in an ensemble that would make Al Borland and the citizens of Pawnee proud: a massive plaid shirt and the biggest pair of jeans you’ve ever seen. At this point it becomes obvious this is an ill-fated promotional video for Denizen jeans (a low-cost brand under the Levi Strauss & Co. umbrella).

Beyond the elephant wearing jeans, there are two more baffling things about this video: (1) the jeans-wearing elephant, possibly because of its jeans-wearing, doesn’t even win the competition; and (2) Denizen is apparently creating a special line of “Elephant Pageant Edition” jeans for women. That seems like not a very good idea.