Beautiful Moment Alert: Watch A Man With Down Syndrome Read His Acceptance Letter To Clemson

Sure, this doesn’t have anything to do with sports, but I just picked Clemson to beat Ohio State in the Orange Bowl with the second-highest confidence points in my bowl pool (because I’m a daredevil), and that’s all the justification I need. In this incredible video that’s currently sitting at a little more than 307K views on YouTube, and should be at 12 million by the day’s end, a 20-year old man with Down syndrome named Rion Holcombe has received a response from Clemson University’s LIFE program.

It’s absolutely impossible to be sad watching Rion and his father read the letter and the response from Clemson, and especially Rion’s reaction. You can try to be sad, but it won’t work. I can tell the difference between sad and happy tears.

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