Watch This Insane Footage Of A Car Crashing From The Upper To Lower Deck Of Boston’s I-93

Early Sunday morning, a 33-year-old Boston man amazingly survived an accident mostly unharmed when he drove his truck off of the upper northbound deck of I-93 onto the southbound deck below. Even more amazingly, probably thanks in part to the fact that it was only around 6:30 a.m., he managed not to injure anyone else when his vehicle landed.

According to, the last thing Vannak Sao remembers is falling asleep at the wheel, at which point his car hit a snow bank and careened off of the highway. Sao was later unsurprisingly charged with operating under the influence of alcohol when he was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital.

You can watch the footage of the truck crashing to the bottom deck of the highway below. This man is lucky to be alive, even if he is probably in an epic sh*t ton of trouble. We’ll be seeing Chris Pratt in Indiana Jones long before this dude sees a valid driver’s license again.